Saturday, December 20, 2008

圣诞快乐中国 Merry Christmas China! & 乐山大佛 Leshan Giant Buddha

China's Sichuan province is famous for many things, but Le Shan's Giant Buddha may be the most spectacular. This past weekend I had a chance to visit this mountain city to play a gig. Although we did not have a chance to climb the peak to see the 500 ft. Buddha, this blog gives me a chance to show some of my pictures when I visited it in May 2005. The gig itself went off without a hitch. This gig was one of the, as termed by Josh Katz, many Lao Wai (老外) gigs that we play.

As Christmas approaches, there have been many more opportunites for shows. As it looks now, I won't enjoy the traditional relaxing time with my family. Instead I'll be caught up in the rush of playing 3-5 shows each day moving from hotel to bar to real estate gig.

I think it is interesting that a lot of the young Chinese population is beginning to celebrate Christmas. In most big chain stores, you can find the aisles packed with tinsel, fake christmas trees and all kinds of tacky ornaments. On the way to dinner with one of my students, he was asking me how I celebrate Christmas in America. I told him that most Americans families come together and celebrate their own Christmas traditions (decorate the tree, hang lights, go to church etc.) Christmas in China is basically a largely commericial holiday. It gives stores a chance to attract people with special decorations, hotels and restaurants to have special food and parties.

Merry Christmas!

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The much anticipated "Relish" party.


Chris said...

I don't think there are enough TVs by the stage. Did they show pictures of hot dogs and other relish-accepting food items?

Merry Christmas, man.

Panis Lifter said...

I'm certainly glad that Christmas in America hasn't turned into any sort of disgusting corporate consumerfest designed to trick the less fortunate into filling the coffers of those who are already overflowing.

Oh, wait...