Friday, December 26, 2008

价日。。。Christmas Eve

This blog is dedicated to the Crown Plaza, for their hospitality this past Christmas Eve. I was not a guest at the hotel, but a guest musician for the Christmas Festivities. With my usual cohorts, Fu and Philip, we performed for three separate functions then raced to the MGM to close their show. Preceded by few drawn out rehearsals, it was a quite busy day. After the whole thing was over, it still didn't feel like Christmas. Maybe that's because I live in China. Maybe it's because they call Christmas: French Epicurian Holiday. Well, anyway, here's some pictures from this crazy day. enjoy!

The Tree Made of Rolls

<--It's us! Philip! -->

Now, to end this blog and blogs to come: some of my favorite Chinese dishes! Today, a delightful, breaded, deep-fried, pork-stuffed, eggplant dish prepared in the manner of Sichuan-style fish. It's... 鱼香茄饼(yu xiang qie bing). This is a picture from a restaurant in between my home and school. A must eat if you visit Chengdu.

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