Saturday, November 29, 2008

萨克斯管独奏,合奏音乐会 - Prof. Li's Saxophone Orchestra Concert

November 29th marked the return of Sichuan Conservatory of Music (四川音乐学研) saxophone professor, Li Yusheng's Saxophone Orchestra. The concert was held in the SCCM's Xinhua Concert Hall (新华音乐厅) and also featured Mr. Li's students, Master degree student, Mei Song (梅松) and high school senior Han Xiao (韩笑)。 I was also very proud of six of my students who participated in the Saxophone Orchestra.

梅松 - Feld Soprano Sonata

As a member of the 2007 SCCM Saxophone Orchestra, I was happy to see the improvement of the group. The ensemble is now made of of all students of SCCM, as opposed to the previous ensemble made up mainly of teachers and graduates. The concert opened with Han Xiao playing Bach's Cello Suite #1 in G Major on Alto Saxophone. Next, Mei Song perfomed the ever-difficult Sonata for Soprano Saxophone by Jindrich Feld. He finished the first half of the concert with Combelle's lyrical Concert Piece #1. After a long intermission, Han Xiao opened with Pierre Max Dubois's First Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra; memorized. The rest of the program belonged to the SCCM Saxophone Orchestra: Giuseppe Giordani's , sections from Carmen; Bizet and a rousing encore of the Ouverture from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

韩笑 - Dubois Concerto Mvt. III

Overall, this was a very enjoyable concert as all of the saxophonists played at a very high level. I was especially impressed with the soloists, Congratulations!

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