Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last night, Nov. 22nd, was my faculty concert at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. After months of preparation, in a flash it was over! The venue, Nie Er Concert Hall, was very nice. It's a smaller than SCCM's Xiao Yinyue Ting, but the sound was quite nice. I opted to put the piano at small stick rather than full due to the the low ceiling.

The Concert was a success! I was pleased to see an almost full attendance with many of my friends, colleagues and students. Thank you all for coming! Musically, I was also very pleased. Besides sweaty profusely from the spotlights, I felt very comfortable. Also, I want to send a special thank you to my wonderful pianist, Xiong Liang. 都谢谢!

Now, I am thinking about my next concert in the Spring. Who knows....saxophone w/erhu, souna, guzheng...the possibilities are endless! Once again, thank you all who attended last night. It was you who inspired my performance. Those of you who missed it, I plan to post videos as soon as they are available to me.

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