Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn Moon Festival

Happy Autumn Moon Festival! Like a lot of Chinese holidays, this one coincides with the lunar calendar. Pictured above is a traditional moon festival gift...moon cakes! They're delicious little cakes filled with meat, vegetables or fruit. This traditional holiday is very important signifying the end of the summer harvest. The Chinese celebrate by eating mooncakes, lighting various lanterns, planting autumn trees and having parties in the streets. Last year I didn't know about this holiday until it was over, so i made it a point to go out to the river this year. It was crazy! In this video you can see a little of what was happening. I walked a couple blocks to a bridge on the Jin River. There, around 9:30pm the festival was in full swing. You can see little flower boats in the river with candles lit. Later in the night there were hundred of these in all different shapes and sizes. I really liked the miniature hot-air balloons. You can buy these for about 20rmb ($3) People were constantly setting these off and whole sky was dotted with these floating lanterns. I thought it was funny that these balloons were made out of tissue paper. Subsequently, many caught a spark and burnt up before they left the ground! At one point, I was standing by the river taking a video. Paying no attention to was was happening around me some people started yelling at me in Chinese. As I turned to see what all the commotion was about, one of these little balloons almost ran into my head! I guess this just adds to the fun of it all.
In the crowded streets you could buy home made cotton candy, pieces of sugar cane, popcorn, little light up devil horns and of course the lanterns. There were dancers, people singing and general good times. Besides the crowds of Chendgu-folk, there were also tons of animals. Everyone brought their pet dog or cat to join in the festivities. People seemed extra friendly...even to me a foreigner! If you're ever around China, or Asia towards the middle September be sure to check out this holiday.

Moon Festival at Anshun Bridge

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