Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Continuing my Chinese New Year trip, port-city Shenzhen was my next stop. It really was just a 'stop' because we flew there from Kunming enroute to Hong Kong. After shopping around for air tickets, we found it much cheaper to fly into Shenzhen, then take the train into Hong Kong. Not only did we save money, but got a chance to see another Chinese city.

Shenzhen the capitol of the Guandong province in Southern China. It's a moderate sized Chinese city (about 8.6 million people) and the second busiest ports behind Shanghai. As we drove into the city to find our hotel, I was first impressed by the towering skyscapers. Compared to where I live in Chengdu, the architects focused more on beauty rather than efficiency in their buildings.

Because I was in Shenzhen for only one night, I didn't have much time to see much of the city or surroundings, but I did get to eat the seafood. We took a taxi to the 乐园路 (le yuan road) and found a street lined with seafood restaurants. Each restaurant had an area outside the entrance with tanks filled with seafood of your wildest imagination. Pictured are just a couple items available. We also saw various sizes of shrimp, crabs, fish, some things I've never seen before and one place had live snakes. We couldn't eat everything, so we chose some shrimp, oysters and weird tube-worms things. Pretty tasty!

Stay tuned because next stop...Hong Kong!


Hopfrog said...

Hey Brent I think those tube things might have been razor clams.

Chris said...

Look like geoduck clams to me. Tasty snacks!